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  • Up & Over Garage Doors

    Up & Over Garage Doors

    Canopy - Giving maximum width and easiest to install.
    Retractable - Door retracts fully into garage when open and is considered smoother and easier to operate.

Up & Over Garage Doors

Up & over garage doors are the most common garage door in use in the UK today, they come in many different styles, designs, materials (Steel, GRP, timber) and finishes, Christchurch Garage Doors will always make sure you get the right garage door that's the correct size and type, and has the ideal mechanism to meet your particular requirements.

These can be put into two main categories below, the canopy garage door and the retractable garage door, the difference is how the garage door opens and both mechanisms can suit different install requirements.

Canopy Garage Doors

This is the simplest and the most common type of up and over garage door mechanism giving the maximum width when open to drive through. When fully opened around a third of the garage door panel will protrude forward of the opening.

The mechanism is balanced by torsion springs and is generally available up to 8 feet in width, these doors are generally not automated, but can be with a fairly powerful operator and a converter installed.


Retractable Up & Over Garage Doors

This is fast becoming the more popular type of up and over garage door in the UK, with the garage door retracting fully into the garage when open. Retractable garage doors do take up some of the width of the opening with the mechanism sitting in between the sub-frame, however these mechanisms convert easily to a remote control automated electric system.

Retractable garage doors come in all available sizes and are considered easier to operate than the canopy system and can take heavier loads.

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